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£13.00 Per 1 Hour Lesson




£15.50 Per Half Hour Lesson

£31 Per Hour Lesson





£15.50 Per Half Hour Lesson

£31 Per Hour Lesson


*Offers not available for Technical lessons.



The Westcliff Music Academy aims to provide a professional, fun and progressive music education service.  Two well equipped studios housing the latest equipment and teaching aids with air conditioning for your comfort. The Academy was founded in 2004 and has become the largest independent Music Academy in the Southend area. Our terms of enrolment are listed below.


• Individual lessons (Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Ukulele, Singing) are priced at £15.50 per half hour and you are required to pay one lesson in advance. If a regular time slot is needed, we recommend you make a block booking.


• Group lessons (Piano and Keyboard) are priced at £13.00 per hour and you are required to pay one month in advance, you are expected to attend every lesson available, with the exception of holidays or prior arrangements.   Advance payment is due on the last lesson booked.


• We accept payment by Bank card, cheque or cash.


• We reserve the right to refuse lessons which have not been paid for or for persistent late payment.


• Lesson fees will not be refunded for illness, missed or forgotten lessons or lessons cancelled by students/parents.      Alternative appointments may be offered subject to availability within the same week of the lesson, however, please note that where teachers only work one day a week, it may only be possible to offer a different time on that day subject to availability.


• No lessons can be taken forward to the following week.


• If a teacher has to cancel a lesson, we will endeavour to reschedule the lesson, however where this is not possible, a refund will be issued. This conforms to the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


The Academy continues to offer a friendly service, ONLY in extreme circumstances i.e. family bereavement will the Academy offer a future replacement appointment with no charge. due to all the teachers’ self-employed status we ask you to respect and abide by the terms and conditions of your enrolment.


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